Corporate Overview
Space Energy is a dynamic and forward thinking Company that seeks to make a global impact in the areas of renewable energy, rural electrification, technology development, environmental issues and corporate responsibility.

Based in the UAE, in a tax efficient environment and at the heart of a thriving renewable energy market, Space Energy is recognised as one of the world’s leading companies in the emerging Space Based Solar Power (SBSP) technology sector. It intends to demonstrate what is possible when a company is aligned, focused and surrendered to a mission that serves far beyond itself and in doing so, creates a legacy that helps evolve humanity out of energy poverty and towards a higher and more meaningful standard of living.

Space Energy’s management team brings decades of development and financial experience, combined with a world-class Advisory Board covering all disciplines in both the space-based and ground-based solar sectors. Our unique strategy and alliance with the top technology minds on the planet provide a strong foundation for future growth. Space Energy has featured in worldwide publications such as The Sunday Times, Wall Street Journal, MIT Review, Energy Digital, Los Angeles Times and many more. The chairman of the company and his executives are routinely sought after for keynote presentations at high-profile government and private sector events.

Our Five and Ten Year Strategic Plans centre on the growth and development of three key areas. These include:

Ground Based Solar Power

With the world’s oil reserves running out, there is more and more emphasis on renewable sources of energy. Although there are several sources of renewable energy, none is more promising than solar energy. Every day, the earth receives enough solar energy to power the world’s entire requirement for over two years. Over the past several years, governments around the world have introduced attractive policies and subsidies aimed at increasing their solar power network. These policies have mostly reached maturity, with the subsidies being drastically cut-back. Today, there are very few markets where it is still possible to invest profitably in solar projects. Space Energy’s unique approach, alliance and network with leading regional Strategic Partners and subject matter experts provide a strong foundation for fast-paced growth into these emerging markets at the most opportune moments.

PV Development

Space Energy PV Development Division is dedicated to the advancement of Solar Film that will offer much higher power solar arrays for ground and space applications, with lower mass and higher specific power output than ever previously achieved. In partnership with an industry-leading and purposely-constructed consortium that includes several industry heavyweights and a prestigious university in Switzerland, Space Energy will develop and promote advanced technologies that will change the paradigm of renewable energy and move the industry closer towards grid-parity of existing fossil-fuel based energy generation methods.

Space Based Solar Power

Space Energy is widely recognized as the world’s leading entity in the development, testing and commercialisation of SBSP. However, the company is not looking to be an OEM in this sector. Our business plan centres on the rapid and deliberate creation of state-of-the-art Intellectual Property that will be immediately licensed to a range of customers in both the public and private sectors. The timing in the market is perfect as, driven by a growing demand and need for renewable energy; several governments have already announced interest in the development of SBSP programmes. These include Japan, China, Russia, India and the US. One of Space Energy’s potential primary customers will be the Chinese Government via the National Development Reform Commission (NDRC) with whom the company has been working Closely for the last 2 years. Space Energy has also been invited by the NDRC to be the leading speaker on SBSP this year’s largest energy and environment summit in China. With its expertise in this arena Space Energy can also position itself as integrator, serving as a coordinated project management office for the design, procurement, manufacture, testing, deployment, and operation of SBSP systems.

Space Energy