CSR and Sustainability

Space Energy is passionately committed to becoming a world leading social enterprise – an organisation driven by an ambitious vision to use commerce and innovation to change the world for the better. 

Affordable, reliable, safe, clean energy is the catalyst for change in commercial and social dynamics that no other product or industry can match. Regardless of product, service, plan or intention, the common denominator that is required at every level is Energy – from operating the large Hadron collider so we can push the boundary of human knowledge, to constructing a manufacturing plant to provide jobs and a chance for a better future, to powering a small water purifier protecting a child’s health in a remote village in Africa. Making energy clean, affordable and available enables all these activities without the environmental and health downside effects of more traditional fuels. 

An organisation built on a vision like this requires few rigid controls to ensure that it complies with ethical standards. The vision and mission of the company attracts individuals that share this sense of responsibility and the desire to contribute and we have already engaged a number of world experts to help ensure we choose the best possible approach at every step in the development of the company.  Moreover, given as Space Energy commonly acts as an integrator of technology which results in us dealing with myriad suppliers globally, we build long-lasting relationships with Strategic Partners who conform to our high standards of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Space Energy has recently extended our rebate program to include all approved suppliers of services.  So now, any approved supplier of goods or services agrees to participate in Space Energy’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by donating a 2% rebate on all order values.  This will ensure that Space Energy can continue to reach out to local education and child development agencies and programs in all countries in which we operate our solar parks.  We strongly believe in creating a legacy that helps evolve humanity out of energy poverty and towards a higher and more meaningful standard of living and we believe our approved suppliers should be as determined as we are to make this happen.

Strategic Supply Partners

Space Energy’s relationships with suppliers are of great strategic importance.  Common sense, good judgment, and the highest standards of integrity will be used in working with our suppliers.  Dynamic growth, global management and effective coordination of various multi-disciplined divisions that are the benchmark of Space Energy’s success do not occur from random sourcing or from selecting suppliers solely based on competitive quotations.  It results from making the correct selection of suppliers, and then working closely with them in specific areas to improve quality, effectiveness of role and productivity.

Space Energy’s objective is to be an economic, intellectual and social asset in each nation and community in which we do business.  Our Standards of Business Conduct clarifies the extension of our values to our suppliers.  It states that we will not establish or maintain a business relationship with a supplier if we believe that its practices violate local laws or basic international principles relating to anti-corruption, bribery, labour standards or environmental protection. 

To apply to become a Strategic Partner of Space Energy,
start by downloading our application form here.

High Level Supplier Performance Expectations

Space Energy seeks to establish excellent, long-term working relationships with suppliers through mutual performance expectations and measures, performance feedback, and performance improvement plans to ensure continuous progress.  Space Energy uses TQRDCE supplier expectations and performance feedback, where T, Q, R, D, C and E represent Technology, Quality, Responsiveness, Delivery, Cost, and, Environmental and Social Responsibilities.

Space Energy is a global company with an extended supply chain that includes outsourced partners.  Supplier performance expectations are applicable to supplier relationships throughout the worldwide supply chain.  The success of this program is shared with our suppliers who specifically contribute to our commitment to excellence.  Successful supplier performance in the areas of TQRDCE offers rewards of repeat business, exclusive bidding, increased sales and profitable growth.

T:  Technology

Space Energy delivers best in class products and new technologies in breakthrough time.  We expect our suppliers to be on-going technological leaders with technology in their respective fields; to support continuous technology, quality and cost improvements; and to support worldwide product regulation requirements.

Q:  Quality

Space Energy’s Quality Policy is to earn industry recognition by providing products and services of the highest quality and greatest value.  To achieve this commitment to our customers, Space Energy expects that all materials are fit for use, and defect free for electrical, mechanical and cosmetic reasons.  Space Energy expects notification from suppliers for all discontinuances, obsolescences, and material or process changes that affect form, fit or function, with sufficient notice to allow Space Energy to make a thorough evaluation. 

R:  Responsiveness

Space Energy has a broad and technologically complex product portfolio, resulting in an ultra-high mix procurement portfolio with frequent changes in design and demand.  Our success is contingent upon delivering reliable energy solutions in breakthrough time and ahead of our competition, while also maintaining or exceeding expectations for budget and operational delivery.  Suppliers must therefore provide excellent and timely communication, service, and issue resolution.

D:  Delivery

Space Energy is focused on shortening the overall product delivery cycle time from product order to final installation.  Space Energy expects supplier deliveries to be 100% on-time.  Lead times must be short by industry standards, reliable and aim to decrease over time.    

C:  Cost

Space Energy is focused on achieving Total Cost Ownership.  We expect to drive continuous improvement in cost reductions.  Our suppliers are accountable for offering effective low cost alternatives aimed at providing both supply chain flexibility and best value on a total cost basis.

E:  Environmental and Social Responsibility

Space Energy recognises our obligation to be an economic, intellectual and social asset in each nation and community in which we do business.  Space Energy must conduct its operations in such a manner that respects basic international principles relating to labour standards, and protects the environmental quality of these countries and communities.  In addition, our Crystal Benchmark CSR policy forms a backbone of our contribution to excellence.  Our suppliers are an integral part of this effort; therefore, Space Energy’s suppliers are expected to adhere to environmental and social responsibility principles that are similar to those valued at Space Energy.




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