SBSP: Filling a Critical Gap

Why Space Energy

It is an indisputable fact that global energy usage is at record high and continuing to rise fast. Demand in several areas of the global economy is already outpacing supply. Traditional hydrocarbon energy reserves are depleting at an ever increasing rate and most experts agree that there is only enough proven uranium reserves to last one more generation. In addition, the use of hydrocarbon and nuclear fuels are widely acknowledged to be leading contributors to significant environmental and health problems.

As developing countries continue to grow and embank on major electrification efforts, energy shortages will become one of the most serious challenges facing governments this century. China and India alone will need to raise energy generating capacity by a staggering 4 to 5 times over the next 20 years in order to meet demand – an equivalent of bringing on-line two large coal-fired power stations per week, every week.

The risk of energy shortages could mean more than high prices. In the 20th century, many wars were motivated in part by the need to secure future energy supplies - and, according to the U.S. Pentagon, the risk of such conflict remains high in the 21st century. (See the paper "War Without Oil.")

Safe, reliable, renewable, base-load power that is affordable and widely available has long been the ‘holy grail’ of researchers and scientists in the energy industry. Aside from averting conflict associated with resource wars, abundant clean energy has the potential to truly improve life around the world in many ways. Rural electrification can offer one of the fastest ways out of poverty for developing areas. It can ensure that food and medicines are preserved and made available where they are needed the most. It can provide power for water purification and desalination and light so that children can study and develop their potential.

This is why Space Energy is committed to harnessing existing and new methods for clean energy generation and transmission, such as from ground-based solar power and space-based solar power.

Space Energy