Humanitarian Benefits

SBSP has the potential to:

  • Mitigate oil dependence
  • Prevent resource depletion (and the wars fought over it)
  • Help prevent catastrophic climate change
SBSP is the only large scale alternative to nuclear power that can provide 24-hour base-load electricity to any point on Earth without burning fossil fuels. Space Energy believes SBSP can dramatically improve the future of our planet.

Bringing power to those who need it most.

By beaming down clean energy to developing nations, we can provide much more than power. The potential humanitarian benefits of Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) include:
  • Rural electrification of remote villages and regions (particularly in developing countries)
  • Clean running water
  • Refrigeration of crops and medicines
  • Power for schools and hospitals
With power, villages can have access to fresh water. Space Energy already has relationships with companies that manufacture atmospheric water generators (AWGs), which produce fresh water from the humidity in the air (quite high in many developing countries). The biggest barrier to AWG usage in rural areas is the power required to run them, power that could be provided by SBSP.

Some larger AWG units can produce thousands of liters of clean, purified water a day-enough to:
  • Irrigate crops
  • Mitigate fear of drought
  • Eliminate the 80% of disease caused or carried by polluted water in developing countries


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