Space Energy Strategy

The primary product that Space Energy, Inc. will sell to the market is a continuous supply of clean, renewable electricity. To deliver it, the company will contract with proven technology and aerospace design and manufacturing companies. These partners and contractors will create and integrate the necessary Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) components.

Contractors and partners

The company will primarily be an integrator; it will serve as a coordinated project management office in order to design, procure, manufacture, test, deploy, and operate SBSP systems.

The company plans to work with companies that have the necessary technological expertise and manufacturing resources to implement the company's vision. In addition, the company has established a strong network of business and legal partners that will assist it through its growth and commercial operations phases.

Project phase one: SBSP demonstrator

As a first step, the company plans to develop a satellite demonstrator that will demonstrate the overall SBSP system. From this platform, the company will then endeavor to procure customer contracts for long-term power purchase commitments that will finance the manufacture and launch of commercial satellites.

The demonstrator will be placed in low Earth orbit (LEO). Multiple demonstration receiving stations around the world may be set up, increasing the global visibility of the project. This demonstrator will be designed in collaboration with the company's contractors, partners and investors, and is expected to take two to three years to complete. We intend this prototype to demonstrate:
  • Proof of concept for orbit-to-ground wireless power transmission
  • Space robot assembly capabilities
  • Safety
  • Scale
  • Accuracy
  • Multiple location transmission
  • Base load supply capabilities
  • Power management/grid compatibility
  • Environmental/climate change benefits

Project phase two: SBSP commercial satellite build-out

Following the successful demonstration, the company will begin designing and manufacturing a series of commercial SBSP satellites.


Space Energy