Environmental Benefits

Fighting Climate Change

SBSP offers a real and practical energy solution which does not require fossil fuels which generate climate-changing CO2 emissions. The company is keen to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, not just through the production of clean energy but also through its policies of corporate and social responsibility.

Right now, the primary energy source for power generation is coal; roughly two-thirds of all global electricity is generated from coal power plants. Burning coal in power plants releases more CO2 per unit of energy created than virtually anything else on Earth. Unfortunately, coal is quickly becoming the fuel of choice for India and China---two countries with already-massive pollution issues. Between them, these two nations are currently scheduled to build over one large coal-fired power plant every week for the next 20 years.

Once in mature, SBSP will be as economically viable as coal---especially if costs required to mine, transport, process, burn, and partially capture its carbon emissions are considered. It is important to note, however, that Space Energy does not see itself competing in any way with current providers of energy. Instead, the company sees SBSP as a vital compliment to existing energy sources and an essential technology to help mitigate the coming energy gap.

Leading by Example

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Carbon Credits

SBSP is poised to drive millions of dollars per year into the carbon credit market. In fact, SBSP will even allow developing countries to avoid the construction of new fossil fuel power plants and thus earn carbon credits.

Space Energy