Space Energy develops, builds and operates commercial solar parks worldwide and provides the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) together with the supply of solar products via third party vendors.  Acting as a solar project developer, we manage and control the entire process from development and construction up to operation and maintenance of the solar parks.  This strategy guarantees a consistent performance along the entire value chain, and delivers a maximum benefit contribution to our clients and investors.

Space Energy markets its services in areas where sun levels are high, land is relatively inexpensive, and electrical-utility rates are high in order to compete with local pricing.  By leveraging our energy expertise, solid solar PV supplier relationships and procurement processes we help businesses, consumers and power companies maximise their energy savings, improve their Carbon footprint and reduce their overall levels of damaging emissions.

Space Energy is continually seeking logistically and economically suitable host sites to add to its current pipeline of developing projects, starting at 1MW up to 100 MW in size for medium-scale Ground-Based Solar.  With its significant internal EPC experience, strong financial relationships and current external EPC relationships, Space Energy is developing these solar parks by building, owning and operating medium and large-scale solar photovoltaic energy generation facilities.  We are quickly gaining a competitive advantage through the following key factors:

Space Energy is conducting numerous feasibility studies and evaluations on further solar park locations.  Areas of immediate consideration are India, Namibia, Afghanistan and India.

Indian 4-Phase Development Plan

A late entrant to the international utility-scale solar scene, India offers some of the most attractive solar subsidies in the world right now.  Under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (NSM), India is expected to generate up to 1,500 MW from solar energy by 2013-14 through an investment of $2.8B.


Recently, Rajasthan took the bold decision to establish itself as a hub for solar energy. Rajasthan boasts the highest direct normal irradiance (DNI) ratings in India, with solar insolation levels ranging between 6 - 6.4 Kwh/m2/day, comparable to highest solar radiation in the world such as the deserts of California, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona. Large swathes of land are barren and sparsely populated making them ideal for large solar power plants.