Space Energy

a new Generation power utility

A New Approach to Renewable Energy

By deploying state of the art equipment and construction techniques that maximize energy production, efficiency and profitability, Space Energy is committed to providing viable alternatives to polluting energy sources and helping abate some of the challenges caused by increasing demand for energy and declining natural resources.

Cutting-edge Solar

With a substantial commitment to R&D and by working with major global technology and IT solutions partners, Space Energy is focused on helping rural electrification in India, Afghanistan, Africa and other 3rd world countries that have a growing and critical need for useable energy.

Defining the Future

Following recent announcements by several major world governments to invest in  Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) – programs and with a leading team of recognized world-class experts, Space Energy now leads the field in pioneering the commercialisation of this new and highly coveted technology.

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Energy From Space

Peter Sage of Space Energy giving a presentation at TED conference.
What is Space Based Solar Power?
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Space Energy